Celebrity Escorts Available at Elite VIP Models

When we discuss ‘celebrity escorts’ and ‘courtesans’, we refer to the proper meaning of these words, before they were hijacked and often associated with less tasteful activities. An escort would actual escort someone to dinner or an event. A courtesan was an educated, well bred consultant and confidante to important VIPs, in a time when women did not socialize with gentlemen in a room alone. Our company, not to be confused with a by-the-hour escort agency, provides fresh, elite celebrity dinner dates and travel companions for refined gentlemen, seeking celebrity escorts ladies who are not displayed on every adult website. Our company will always cater for sophisticated, considerate, successful gentlemen seeking those introductions in major cities like Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Goa, Chennai, Vadodara, London, Singapore, Dubai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Abu Dhabi, Doha and beyond.

Elite VIP Models continues to operate in defiant response to a downward trend in apparent “elite” escort services worldwide. While escorting and companion introduction agencies were apparently comfortable with raising their prices, a large majority were sadly not maintaining or raising their standards. There is a lot more too accomplishing oneself as a luxury concierge and companion agency or professional introduction service, than just a pretty website… Also, claiming to be elite, then offering 30-minute or 1 hour meeting slots doesn’t really harmonize.

We preserve and uphold the quality and style for which all concierge services and introduction agencies should be renowned. As opposed to the modern day version of ‘high-class celebrity escorts’ and ‘courtesans’, we introduce traditional quality; high end, well-bred young women for refined, successful and generous gentlemen. Creating a socially dynamic girlfriend experience and mutually enjoyable dates, we cater for those seeking a genuine connection. Elite VIP Models allows NO tattoos, nor irregular body piercing. We also avoid anyone “experienced”, anyone with a bad attitude or aggressive nature, and of course any substance abuse or inappropriate conduct is very quickly weeded out and dismissed. All successful applicants, aside from being naturally beautiful and feminine, must be genuinely fresh, warm-hearted, drug-free, well educated, authentic and extremely personable – the absolute minimum a high quality woman or courtesan would bring to any social engagement, in any case.

Ivy-league academics, natural intelligence, reliability and charm are standard requirements, along with classic natural beauty, self-care, fitness and a pure, loving soul. We prefer fresh, positive-energy ladies who are new to the professional companion industry. Those from upper-class backgrounds are usually most suited to our callers’ requirements. The celebrity escorts models must of course also be accustomed to high society settings, and well versed in proper manners, eloquence and social etiquette; it’s quite clear if she’s not. Whether she provides a wonderful GFE dinner date, a more intense conversational connection, or a travel companion presence, she must be elite in every way. Not elitist, too serious or haughty, just Quality. Breeding is not easy to fake. : )

We prefer working with companions who are either pursuing their post graduate university degrees, or who pursue a full time professional career, be it modeling, acting, performance, management, writing, some artistic or personal business pursuit etc. Our ideal applicant is never focused solely on her income, and definitely not a full time traditional celebrity escort available for lots of brief meaningless encounters which slowly destroy the soul. Requesting a suitable fee for her time and proficiency as an attentive courtesan companion is very different to expecting the royal treatment with a prima donna attitude. If money is the model’s first priority, she has missed the point and is not suited to our environment or clientele.

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